The Hundred Pounder

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Enjoy in the richness of our densely marbled Grass-Fed Steaks. Savor the mellow earthiness enjoyed with every bite. All of our sensational Grass-Fed Beef offers 5 times the Omega 3s of commercial beef and healthy amounts of Vitamin A. Finally, taking time to trim every cut, our master butchers give the natural leanness of Grass-Fed Beef an added boost. If you value natural, pure and healthy, then Legends Beef is the right choice.



Earn up to 4975 BeefPerks.

The Hundred Pound Package Includes (all weights are approximate):
  • 18 lbs Steak (Includes NY Strip & Filet, plus our choice of Rib, Flat Iron, Flank, Skirt and Sirloin Steaks)
  • 21 lbs Roasts (mixed assortment)
  • 45 lbs Ground Beef (90/10 mix)
  • 9 lbs Smoker Cuts (Brisket & Short Ribs)
  • 7 lbs Stew Meat/Soup Bones

Additional information

Weight 2560 oz
Dimensions 36 x 36 x 24 in



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