Grass Fed Standards

Legends Beef 100% Pure Grass Fed Beef

We Believe In All Natural & Grass Fed

Principle Tenets

  1. Employ a sustainable approach to farm management. Conserve water, improve the soil and reduce waste.
  2. Use the highest standards to support humane treatment and welfare of our animals.
  3. Avoid the use of chemicals to treat cattle and pastures.

Legends standards are based on several fundamentals:

A Legends Grass-Fed animal is born, raised, and finished on grass and only grass. Cattle are given free access to pastures where perennial and annual grasses, forbs, legumes, brassicas, browse and post-harvest crop residue without grain are the sole energy sources, with the exception of mother’s milk, from birth to harvest. High quality hay, typically harvested right here at Legends Ranch, may be fed to animals while on pasture during periods of inclement weather or low forage quality.

Legends Grass-Fed requires that our livestock graze pasture where they will receive most of their nutrition, and be allowed to fulfill their natural behaviors and basic instincts of grazing. The only exceptions to this standard are emergencies that may threaten the safety and well-being of the animals or soil, and management practices such as roundups, sorting, shipping, feeding and weaning. Our grass-fed cattle will typically spend no more than 60 days of their entire life confined–and when confined for weaning, feeding or for health emergencies, they are given their own large, well-managed corral with the intention of offering a low-stress environment.

Mineral and vitamin supplements may be provided free choice to adjust the animals’ nutrient intake and to correct deficiencies in the total diet energy source. The feeding of animal by-products is prohibited, and no antibiotics, ionophores, or hormones of any type may be administered. Any animal in need of medical attention must be treated to relieve its symptoms. If prohibited medication or antibiotics are required for treatment, the animal must be tagged, identified, and removed from the Legends Grass-Fed program.


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