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Legends Beef 100% Pure Grass Fed Beef

Problems Brought About By Commercially Produced Beef

The commercial beef industry is full of excesses that have become unhealthy for us and for the animal. Commercial cattle operations focus on volume and fat, no matter how it’s produced–at the expense of the animal’s welfare. Cattle are packed into feedlots–sometimes up to 100,000 or more. They are crammed full of corn and other grains that severely stress their digestive system–so much so that it has become necessary to administer sub-therapeutic antibiotics to prevent death of the animal. Commercial cattle are administered growth hormones at several stages of development to stimulate growth well beyond their natural limits. Every excess in the commercial beef industry is polluting the beef supply chain with chemicals, hormones and other drugs.

Legends Beef: Humane and Sustainable is a Promise

We are saddened by the abuses found in beef production and we are determined to change the culture. We will NEVER pursue profit at the expense of animal welfare. This is what we deliver to you–1) 100% NATURAL Grass-Fed Beef grown here in Florida, 2) A HEALTHY source of beef containing more Omega-3s, vitamins and minerals than commercially produced beef 3) PURE beef for your family because we won’t ever add hormones or antibiotics and because we endeavor to apply the best All Natural practices in every part of our operation 4) Humane treatment of our livestock 5) Sustainable practices that harmonize herd development and the environment.

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