Legends Beef 100% Pure Grass Fed Beef


Questions About Shipping

May I Pick Up My Beef In Person?

The answer is yes, however keep in mind that any order of $250 or more includes FREE delivery. We currently don’t have a store-front-so we aren’t allowed to display the meat. However, we are sure that every cut you buy from Legends will be the best grass-fed/grass-finished experience you’ve ever enjoyed!

Where Do You Ship To?

We ship to most states in the Continental US using UPS. States we do not currently ship to are only Alaska & Hawaii.

How Long Before My Order Ships?

We ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If your order is received before noon on Wednesday, we make every effort to deliver your order by Friday of the same week. If there is a back-order for the item you choose, we’ll contact you immediately.

How Do You Keep My Beef Cold?

We use what the industry refers to as cold chain technology which guarantees freshness. At the time of shipment, the vacuum packed meat is roughly -5 degrees F. We stock your package with enough dry ice to insure safe arrival. We have developed, lab-tested and validated our shipping process  to insure your beef remains at safe temperatures during transport.

How Much Is Shipping?

Any order of $250 or more is delivered FREE. For smaller orders shipping cost is calculated during Checkout. Feel free to add an item to your cart and proceed to Checkout. You can always go back to your Cart and delete any selection prior to paying.

Questions About Our Meat

Why Aren’t Cut Weights Exact?

Our cattle graze in wide-open country for most of their lives and they choose what and how much they forage–therefore, every cow is unique. Thus every animal produces slight variations in primal and retail cuts.

Questions About Our Process

Do You Give Your Cows Any Corn or Grains?

NEVER – our cows are completely grass fed and finished. This means that after they are weaned, they are completely grass and forage fed their entire lives. Our cows never eat corn or any other grain.

Are Your Cows Ever Given Hormones or Antibiotics?

If antibiotics are ever absolutely necessary for the welfare of the animal, we’ll tag and exclude it from our all natural grass-fed program. We never add growth hormones to our animals but leave growth to nature. That means that we keep our steers and heifers on pastures much longer than commercial cattle because it takes more time to reach processing weight. It’s a bigger investment but well worth it.

What About Dry Aging?

We currently use a 14-21 day dry age program. This helps to tenderize the meat and enhances its flavor. Many steakhouses use a similar method to age their beef.

Where is Your Beef Processed?

We process at our USDA plant. There, our team carefully cuts and vacuum seals each piece. All of our beef is stocked in temperature and humidity controlled freezer storage.

Questions About Your Account

How Do I Reset My Password?

Please visit your Account Page to reset your password.

How Do I Pay?

We have harnessed the power of Amazon and PayPal and use them to process our credit card payments on our behalf. Both processors accept a variety of credit and debit cards.

Is My Transaction Data Safe?

Absolutely; Amazon Payments and PayPal are THE most secure payment gateways. We pay a little more for each transaction, but information security is invaluable.

Where Can I Submit A Question?

We would be happy to help. Please notice the our website offers a CHAT function for live support. Alternatively, send us an email from the Contact Page on our website.

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