Custom Sampler


Not sure about a large purchase? Then try our all natural grass fed beef with this low-cost Custom Sampler Package and save 10% on each item. Choose 1 Premium Cut, 1 Steak, 1 Roast, and dial in 1-10 pounds of pure 90/10 ground beef.

Experience the Legends Beef difference. Maybe you’ve heard (or experienced) that grass-fed beef isn’t as tender and yummy as grain-fed? Maybe you feel compelled to go grass-fed because it’s the healthy and noble thing to do. At Legends Beef, we assert that you shouldn’t be forced to compromise. There should be no penalty for doing the right thing—you should not be stuck with the downer of tough, gamy meat just because you care about the environment, your health, and the humane treatment of animals.
So, find out what makes Legends Beef different. Enjoy doing the right thing. Enjoy the experience of all natural, grass-fed beef the way it should be.You’re going to be delightfully surprised.

Try Legends Beef and you be the judge! Choose one item from each category:
1 Premium Cut: Filet, or NY Strip, or Ribeye
2. Steak: Sirloin Steak, or Flank Steak, or Skirt Steak, or London broil
3. Roast: Sirloin Tip Roast, or Chuck Roast, or Eye of Round Roast
4. Hamburger: 1-Pound packages. Any quantity.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in