Beef Sides

All Natural

All of our beef is raised with care--we are stewards of the land and humane to all our animals. All Natural means you can rest assured that we use no hormones or antibiotics. At Legends, we believe in PURE.

No Hormones

Hormones are widely used to produce faster growth. Unfortunately, hormones used for this purpose will accumulate in muscle and tissues, thus contaminating your beef. Not at our house. We believe in NATURAL.

No Antibiotics

Most beef producers finish their cattle on grain to stimulate fast weight gain (which is harmful to bovine digestion) forcing the use of large-dose antibiotics. Not at Legends--because we believe in HEALTHY.



  • $5.50 per pound
  • Plus Butchering
  • Est. 210lbs of Beef
  • Butchering est. $210
  • Estimated Total $2190

    5.25 Per Pound

  • $5.25 per pound
  • Plus Butchering
  • Est. 420lbs of Beef
  • Butchering est. $420
  • Estimated Total $4200
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I order a Half Beef or Whole Beef?

    When we take your order for a half or whole beef, we will give you a date when it will go to the meat processor. When the steer goes to the processor we'll call to get your instructions for how you want your beef cut. The beef will then dry-age in a climate controlled cooler for 14-18 days to tenderize the meat. Cutting, packaging and freezing takes another 2-3 days, so your order will be ready for pickup about three weeks after the date the animal went to the processor.

    How Much Does Butchering Cost?

    Based on a 1200lb. live weight, butchering cost for a Half Beef is approximately $220. This is Custom Slaughter so you can specify exactly how you want your beef processed. How thick to make cuts, how large to process roasts, how lean you want's all up to you.

    How Much Meat Can I Expect?

    (Half Beef in BLUE)(Whole Beef in RED)

  • Chuck Roast--(27-32 lbs)(54-64 lbs)
  • Rolled Rump Roast--(7-8 lbs)(14-16 lbs)
  • Sirloin Tip Roast--(7-8 lbs)(14-16bs)
  • Round Steak/Stew Meat--(8-11 lbs)(16-22 lbs)
  • Ribeye Steak--(7-10 lbs)(14-20 lbs)
  • NY Strip Steak--(7 lbs)(14 ┬álbs)
  • Sirloin Steak--(5 lbs)(10 lbs)
  • Tenderloin Filets--(4 lbs)(8 lbs)
  • Flank Steak--(4 lbs)(8 lbs)
  • Brisket--(5 lbs)(10 lbs)
  • Short Ribs--(5 lbs)(10 lbs)
  • Soup bones with meat--(11 lbs)(22 lbs)
  • Liver--(3 lbs)(6 lbs)
  • Ground Beef--(120-135 lbs)(240-270 lbs)
  • Total amount of beef--(222-250 lbs)(444-500 lbs)
  • Approx. Freezer space--(8 cubic feet)(16 cubic feet)
  • What is Hanging Weight?

    Hanging Weight represents roughly 60% of Live Weight. At Legends Ranch, our finished live animals range from 1000-1400lbs. on the hoof. Therefore, hanging weight will average between 500-800lbs.

    What is Dry Aging?

    Dry aging requires the beef to be hung in a cold, moderately humid cooler, exposed to the air. This process results in some drying (and some meat loss) but it concentrates the beef flavor and increases tenderness. Hanging time is generally 14-21 days! Dry aged beef is rarely found in the stores, and few producers that do dry aging, do it for this length of time. Dry aging is exceptional, and is only done for some of the finest restaurants in the US.

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